Review: The Burial Society by Nina Sadowsky


Release date: January 30, 2018

Publisher: Ballantine Books

Genre: Psychological Thriller


A woman running from a dark past stumbles upon a tangled nest of seductions and family secrets in this psychological thriller of obsession and betrayal.

When Natalie discovers her father dead in a luxury hotel room in Paris, she’s terrified that his death–or is it a murder?–will open up a history she’d rather forget. Years before, her mother went missing from their home in a wealthy Connecticut suburb, triggering a chain of violence that echoed through the years. Now Natalie is set on a collision course with her brother, who has secrets of his own. And watching from the shadows is a mysterious and alluring woman with a talent for making people in trouble disappear, who holds more answers than anyone would guess.


If you’re looking for a lighter style suspense that’s pure entertainment and a completely addictive page turner, allow me to introduce you to The Burial Society. I devoured this book in just a few hours because I simply could not put it down, it was one of those reads where I had planned on starting before bed and reading only a couple of chapters and before I knew it I was halfway finished!

One of the things that sucked me in and compelled me to keep flipping pages was the set up. There are several points of view and the chapters are super short, sometimes they’re just a single paragraph propelling you forward over and over again. I’m sure some will be put off by so many POV in addition to a lot going on, especially in the beginning but that only served to intrigue me and I didn’t find it confusing at all. Sadowsky has a sharp writing style that fit this structure to perfection and the setting of Paris was an amazing backdrop.

The description tells you just what you need to know and I’m hesitant to go any further than that, half of the entertainment of this one was not knowing exactly what I was getting into. There was a certain amount of sex appeal in this book, a racy little edge that sort of reminded me of The Girl Before. There was also a plot thread with a spy thriller vibe that I enjoyed, maybe it’s because most of it is set internationally but it was all very cloak and dagger and really added something clandestine that I think worked great!

(Quick side note, I’m trying something new at the end of my reviews, I want to sum up a book in three words to give you an overall, super quick feeling! Let me know what you guys think of this)

The Burial Society in three words: Enthralling, entertaining and sharp.

Overall rating: 4/5

Thanks to the publisher for my review copy.

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