January Wrap Up

The English Wife was a beautifully written story that requires a little patience.

The Woman in the Window was an incredibly well done psychological thriller.

The Immortalists was a beautifully written book with tons of profound questions.

An Engineered Injustice was a fantastic legal thriller.

The Little French Guesthouse was an adorable read.

Two Girls Down was an intense read with a kick ass lead.

Between Me and You was a love story told in a super unique way.

Deep Blue Trouble was an amazing thriller.

The Girlfriend was a slow burn, well written and full of menace and manipulation.

Keep Her Safe was a romantic suspense that didn’t quite work for me.

Let’s Talk About Six was a sassy, fun read.

The First One to Die is the second installment in a fantastic series.

The Start of Something Wonderful was an uplifting read with a fresh heroine.

Hydra was another highly unique read, highly recommended.

Look For Me was fantastic, I’m a huge LG fan.

The Burial Society was an addictive, lighter style suspense.

The Confession was a engrossing thriller.

Family Tree would be ideal for a book club.

Surprise Me was classic Kinsella, pure entertainment and fun.

Watch Me was a creepy stalker novel full of obsession and danger.

Sometimes I Lie was a fantastic psychological thriller.

Into the Black Nowhere was a chilling serial killer thriller.

The Perfect Roommate was a fantastic psychological thriller.

The Social Affair was another great psychological thriller with a hip, edgy vibe.

Twist of Faith was skilled Mystery with a so so ending.

Blood Sisters was a twisty and very well crafted psychological thriller.

A Well-Timed Murder was a refined mystery set in Switzerland.

The Chalk Man was a creepy Psychological Thriller.

Not Perfect was a fun read, a great choice to read in an afternoon.

Sunday Silence is the seventh book in a new to me series and I really liked it.

I read way too many great books this month to pick a favorite but standouts include The Confession, The Woman in the Window, Into the Black Nowhere, The Perfect Roommate and The Social Affair!

I’m finally moved but nowhere near unpacked and settled in. 🙈 I’ll get there eventually so I apologize that I haven’t been as active on social media as I normally am. Hopefully soon!< strong>How was your month?!

14 thoughts on “January Wrap Up

  1. Amanda @Cover2CoverMom says:

    Girl, the fact that you even posted at all during the moving process is crazy! Moving definitely kicked my butt, and I never want to do it again lol I would say we are “close” to being upacked, but we still have a ton of misc. crap in the garage. I also need to hang stuff on the walls, decorate, and buy some accent furniture. Once we moved in and got remotely unpacked I just lost my motivation to finish lol

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