Review: Let’s Talk About Six by Aine Toner @aineltoner @BooksManatee


Release date: January 11, 2018

Publisher: Manatee Books

Genre: Romantic Comedy


Love and relationships are tough in 21st century Dublin, as six characters, bound by circumstance are about to find out…

Beth – in love with boyfriend Adam, Beth thinks life coupled up is great – sex on tap, and no worries about regularly shaving your legs…but when Adam no longer seems interested and an unexpected web history shows he might be looking for something else, Beth starts thinking of revenge.

Adam – Adam loves Beth. Very much. But there’s something he’s hiding from her – something’s been wrong for quite a while and he’s scared to face up to the truth. Thankfully, he has support from his other woman…but how long can Adam keep his secret?

Declan – forty-something, shy, and ruled by his militant mother, Declan owns sex shop Firm to the Touch. Desperate for a romantic love affair, all he wants is for his dream woman to notice him…OK, so they have nothing in common, but opposites attract, right?

Lily – a woman who does things her own way, Lily leaves a trail of broken-hearted men whenever she goes. Only now, Kristian is on the scene, and Lily wants him – for good. With a reputation for making bad life decisions and being a fickle seductress, can Lily change her ways and get her man?

Johnny – the ultimate ladies man, Johnny leaves notches on every bed post, so when one night stand Kate falls pregnant with his baby, his whole world turns upside down. Now it seems, Johnny feels more for Kate than just lust…but will he get the opportunity to show everyone that a (saucy) leopard can change their spots?

Kate – a paediatric nurse who can’t remember the last time she had a five-minute shower, permanently tired Kate is juggling work, being a mammy to Matthew, and now the attentions of gorgeous doctor, PJ O’Malley. But is a serious relationship really what she wants…and is PJ O’Malley really The One?

Just because you’re a grown up doesn’t mean you always make the right decisions…


This was a saucy little read, a really fun one full of inappropriate humor and naughty jokes. I appreciate that sort of thing and found it to be hilarious and a real breath of fresh air. Toner isn’t afraid of pushing the envelope a little and she wrote sexy book that follows an outrageous group of people that are interconnected in some way.

Each of the six characters, Kate, Bethany, Adam, Declan, Lily and Johnny all narrate and each has a distinct voice and unique point of view. The chapters are snappy and I found the pacing to be brisk and engaging, I was always interested in what each of them were doing and saying. Of the six main characters I found myself liking Declan the most, he’s utterly clueless in the most lovable way and there was something endearing about his odd behavior. I enjoyed the rest of them as well, even the ones making shady decisions and behaving badly. Pick this one up if you’re having a bad day and need a laugh, the combination of sugar and spice makes for a racy read with softer, gentler moments to balance it all out.

Overall rating: 4/5

Thanks to the publisher for my review copy.

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