Review: Sometimes I Lie by Alice Feeney #SpreadTheLie #Giveaway #SometimesILie


Release date: March 13, 2018

Publisher: Flatiron Books

Genre: Psychological Thriller


My name is Amber Reynolds. There are three things you should know about me:

1. I’m in a coma.

2. My husband doesn’t love me anymore.

3. Sometimes I lie.

Amber wakes up in a hospital. She can’t move. She can’t speak. She can’t open her eyes. She can hear everyone around her, but they have no idea. Amber doesn’t remember what happened, but she has a suspicion her husband had something to do with it. Alternating between her paralyzed present, the week before her accident, and a series of childhood diaries from twenty years ago, this brilliant psychological thriller asks: Is something really a lie if you believe it’s the truth?


Keeping with the theme of this book I’ll be reviewing this by telling you three things you should know about Sometimes I Lie and why I think it’s a must read in 2018 for psychological thriller fans!

1. It’s addictive, the true definition of unputdownable AND is also unpredictable. Twisty is not even an accurate description but it’s the best I can do, there was so much that was completely unexpected that I’m afraid to discuss the plot at all. Go in as blind as possible and hold on tight, you’re in for a crazy, intense ride! Then message me when you’re done so we can talk about that ending. THAT ENDING!!

2. It has a really immersive atmosphere that is both claustrophobic and exciting. Amber is in a coma but she can hear what’s going on, but she can’t see. She has no idea why she’s in the hospital and she’s frantically trying to piece together the events prior. This is told in the present as Amber recovers, a few weeks before the event that lead to her hospitalization and a series of diary entries from childhood. It’s executed flawlessly and I was hooked by each timeline, they were all equally intriguing, captivating and intense.

3. The characterization is on point, while Amber is extremely well developed the constant wondering if her memory of events was accurate or not kept me on the edge of my seat. Could I trust her intuition, after all she’s an admitted liar, so trying to figure out what was true and what was false was just downright fun and entertaining!

I’ll close by encouraging you to read this, it’s fast paced, exciting and brings something fresh to a genre full of authors trying to be the next Gone Girl on the Train and then fell Into the Water. This is unique and a massively impressive debut and I’ll be preordering Sometimes I Kill ASAP.

If you’re in the US and want a chance to win one of three copies check out my Instagram for a giveaway!

Sometimes I Lie in three words: Unreliable, Shocking and Edgy

Overall rating: 5/5

Thanks to the publisher for my review copy.

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