Adagio Teas

Hey guys! I have something a bit different lined up for today, over the past few weeks I’ve been slowly making my way through an awesome sampler from Adagio Teas. I’m a newbie tea drinker, I’ve been a coffee girl for years but have always wanted to get more into tea so when they approached me about giving their teas a shot it was a no brainer!

One of the coolest things about Adagio is that they have a huge assortment of Fandom Blends which is where I was drawn to first. I opted for their Alice in Wonderland sampler, which I loved! The tins they are in are so pretty and I’ll be saving them when I’m all done!

So as you can see I got nine teas in the sampler but my two favorites were Drink Me and Off With Her Head. Drink Me was sweet but really flavorful and just lovely. Off With Her Head was fruity and tangy, a bit of a bite that I really loved! All of the teas in this sampler were great and I had so much fun trying them out and playing around with steeping time to find out what I liked best!

Dauntless was a chocolate and cinnamon blend, I mean enough said right?! SO good, tasted like a cake 😜

I really enjoyed this experience and it definitely opened up my eyes to the world of tea! I’d like to thank Ashley at Adagio for reaching out and can’t wait to order some more stuff.

21 thoughts on “Adagio Teas

  1. Letty Blanchard says:

    These sound good. I’m a big coffee drinker but do sometimes enjoy a cup of tea in the afternoons or evening. I have not heard of this tea and am tempted to try them. Love the tins. Thanks for reviewing these. Always love trying new things. ❤️

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