Audiobook Review: Red Alert by James Patterson and Marshall Karp


Release date: March 26, 2018

Publisher: Hachette Audio

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Narrator: Edoaurdo Ballerini


The richest of New York’s rich gather at The Pierre’s Cotillion Room to raise money for those less fortunate. A fatal blast rocks the room, stirring up horrifying memories of 9/11. Is the explosion an act or terrorism–or a homicide?

A big-name female filmmaker is the next to die, in a desolate corner of New York City. Detectives Zach Jordan and Kylie MacDonald investigate. But the crimes keep escalating as a shadowy killer masterfully plays out his vendetta–and threatens to take down NYPD Red in the bargain.


Though I’ve been a very long time fan of Patterson’s books, both his standalones and his many series (Alex Cross, Michael Bennett, Lindsey Boxer, I’ve read them all) I made the switch from reading his physical books to listening solely on audio a couple of years ago. It kind of happened by accident, I was browsing Overdrive for a new listen and grabbed the latest Women’s Murder Club installment and realized what an amazing narrator January LaVoy is. All of that to say, having now listened to several of Patterson’s books I have to tell you guys that he has THE best narrators I’ve come across, and Ballerini is no exception. I say that because I know many people don’t enjoy audiobooks for various reasons but if you ever wanna give one a try just grab any Patterson one and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

The Red series follows partners Zack and Kylie who work as part of the NYPD and their unique task force is assigned cases pertaining to the rich and famous. These two have a history that always seems to come in play at some point even though their past was several years ago, you never quite know what’s going on between them at any given moment. They have an undeniable chemistry and their banter is on point, it’s snappy and funny and lightens the mood in an endearing way.

Per his usual style the author(s) have included several subplots that keep things moving at a rapid pace. There’s a bombing at a high profile event, the murder of a controversial filmmaker and a robbery at a high stakes poker game among other things, plenty to keep you on your toes, I can’t say I was ever bored for one minute.

Again, Ballerini is an incredibly talented narrator, I don’t know if I would be enjoying this series as much as I have been if I was reading myself, he has an engaging voice that also demands to be heard, it’s fantastic!

Red Alert in three words: Explosive, Interesting and Exciting.

Overall rating: 4/5

Thanks to the publisher for my review copy.

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