June Wrap Up

How is it July already you guys?! Insanity! June was a much better reading month for me than May so I’m happy with my number of 26 books read. I even snuck in a couple extras but my reviews will be up soon. I’ll be vacationing for a good portion of this month and while I’ll have a couple of posts scheduled things may be quiet for a few weeks, so heads up.

How was your month? Any must read recommendations? I read SO many amazing books this month that I can’t even begin to pick my faves.

When the Waters Recede: Controlled, Gritty and Solid.

The Real Michael Swann: Timely, Gripping and Suspenseful.

Dreams of Falling: Captivating, Moving and Charming.

California Summer: Romantic, Enchanting and Sweet.

Red Alert: Explosive, Interesting and Exciting.

Boardwalk Summer: Mesmerizing, Fascinating and Gorgeous.

The Lost Family: Evocative, Sweeping and Vulnerable.

Not So Perfect Mother: Funny, Relatable and Entertaining.

The Word is Murder: Ingenious, Crafty and Creative.

The Banker’s Wife: Slick, Sophisticated and Twisty.

Tell Me Lies: Twisted, Dark and Obsessive.

Jar of Hearts: Intricate, Exciting and Gripping.

Heaven Adjacent: Heartfelt, Enlightening and Perceptive.

The Thinnest Air was a fun read but I had some minor issues.

Campaign Widows: Juicy, Light and Breezy.

Providence: Unique, Complex and Captivating.

Three Days Missing: Exhilarating, Pacey and Twisty.

The Cottages on Silver Beach: Sweet, Comforting and Warm.

Girls Night Out: Dramatic, Entertaining and Addictive.

The Completionist was a book that left me feeling super conflicted.

All We Ever Wanted: Relevant, Thoughtful and Absorbing.

Before and Again: Evocative, Deep and Moving.

Find You In the Dark: Subtle, Original and Fluid.

Somebody’s Daughter: Shocking, Compulsive and Quick.

The Last Time I Lied: Eerie, Intricate and Deceptive.

In the Vines: Rich, Immersive and Menacing.

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