Review: The Honeymoon by Roma Halsall @bookouture @RonaHalsallAuth


Release date: June 7, 2019

Publisher: Bookouture

Genre: Psychological Thriller


I’m your husband, Chloe. We’re a partnership now and we do what’s best for us as a couple.’ 

Chloe finally feels like she’s got her life together. After a difficult childhood and losing both parents, she worked hard for the life she loves in lively Brighton, helping people as a physiotherapist. And then she meets the perfect man.

It’s a whirlwind romance, but Dan is handsome, funny, and simply the kindest man she’s ever met. When she sees him standing by the altar, tears glistening in his eyes, she knows this will be for always.

As they sunbathe on their honeymoon island, laughing over drinks, planning their future with their feet in the sand, Dan jokes that he’d like them to stay there forever.

At first, Chloe couldn’t agree more. It’s tempting to imagine truly leaving her troubled past behind. But as the honeymoon goes on, he becomes increasingly adamant. They shouldn’t leave. In fact, he won’t let her…

Is he protecting her, as he claims? Or is it something more sinister? An utterly gripping psychological thriller for fans of Gillian Flynn, Clare Mackintosh, and The Wife Between Us.


Can we have a moment of silence in appreciation of that absolutely stunning cover?! Take me there! Actually, maybe not because Chloe’s dream honeymoon may not actually be as picturesque as that cover depicts. People often joke that they wish they could stay on their vacation indefinitely but what if you wanted to go home to your life and your new spouse wouldn’t allow you to leave? That’s exactly what happens to Chloe and is just the tip of the iceberg of what turns out to be a nightmare.

This was one of those books that had my full attention immediately, it was fast paced, things moved along almost as quickly as Chloe and Dan’s whirlwind engagement and marriage. Both Chloe and Dan hiding things from each other and I was desperate to know what their secrets were. There was a great sense of paranoia and doubt running throughout and I found this to be highly unpredictable, which is truly difficult to pull off lately. I was totally wrapped up in the story and read it in two sittings, I would’ve read it in just one but my family needed my attention. (How rude!)

Definitely recommended by me, it was a great read and full of surprises, the twists just kept coming and they were all well executed! Add this one to your summer TBR but maybe don’t read it if you yourself are involved in a whirlwind courtship 🤪

The Honeymoon in three words: Twisty, Quick and Tense

Overall rating: 4/5

Thanks to the publisher for my review copy.

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