June Wrap Up

Dead Inside: Dark, Disturbing and Bold

The Friends We Keep: Heartfelt, Juicy and Effortless

The Unbreakables: Sexy, Empowering and Fresh

The Friend Zone: Witty, Relatable and Emotional

Waiting for Tom Hanks: Adorable, Entertaining and Funny.

The Friend Who Lied: Addictive, Fast and Tangled

Mrs. Everything: Powerful, Timely and Moving.

The First Mistake was an ok read for me but nothing for me to get excited about.

Fix Her Up: Cute, Sexy and Light

The Honeymoon: Twisty, Quick and Tense

Summer of 69: Breezy, Spirited and Delightful

The Rumor was a decent read, nothing super memorable

This is Home: Raw, Beautiful and Heartfelt

The Road She Left Behind: Emotional, Compelling and Memorable

Hello Lovelies: Snarky, Witty and Hilarious

Still Out There: Quick, Engrossing and Original

Rouge: Sophisticated, Dramatic and Devious

Dear Wife:Slick, Surprising and Compulsive

A Nearly Normal Family: Unusual, Smart and Methodical

Pretty Revenge: Addictive, Delicious and Wicked

Lock Every Door: Menacing, Dark and Creepy

The Summer of Sunshine and Margot: Delightful, Genuine and Sweet

One Summer in Santorini Picturesque, Fun and Sweet

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