Review: One Summer in Santorini by Sandy Barker @sandybarker


Release date: June 24, 2019

Publisher: Avon

Genre: Contemporary Romance


There was something in the air that night. . .

Sarah has had enough of men. It’s time to rekindle her first true love – travel – so she books a sailing trip around the Greek islands with a group of strangers.

The very last thing Sarah wants is to meet someone new… But then a gorgeous American man boards her yacht and she knows she’s in trouble. And when she also encounters a handsome silver fox who promises her the world, she realises that trouble really does come in twos.
Will Sarah dive into a holiday fling, embark on a relationship, or stick to her plan – steer clear of men, continue her love affair with feta, and find her own way after all?
The perfect holiday read to escape with this summer for fans of Annie Robertson’s My Mamma Mia Summer and Mandy Baggot’sOne Last Greek Summer.


If you’re ever looking for a book to help escape your own life then look no further, because Barker truly made me feel like I was in Greece myself! This was pure fun, and the ideal read for this time of year, if you aren’t taking a vacation yourself this is the next best thing.

Sarah is the kind of character that I liked right away, she’s fun and has a fantastic sense of humor and is easily the type of friend I would like to have myself. Besides a fabulous protagonist her boat family was also an endearing bunch as well. Then on top of all that she finds herself in a bit of a love triangle which is always fun and interesting. There’s Josh, a younger man who also happens to be a passenger on the boat and then there’s also James, an older and more established gentleman. Both men are charming in their own way and she’s facing a pretty tough choice, but it was highly entertaining to watch her flirt with them and try and decide what she really wanted.

Definitely recommended by me, as I said before it has an amazing setting that will sweep you away to an exotic place, it has plenty of romance and is also infused with humor and friendship, what more could a girl want?! Another book about Sarah if you’re me, because this ended on a cliffhanger and I need to know what will happen next!!

One Summer in Santorini in three words: Picturesque, Fun and Cute

Overall rating: 4/5

Thanks to the publisher for my review copy.

7 thoughts on “Review: One Summer in Santorini by Sandy Barker @sandybarker

  1. conseaerge says:

    I’m so glad I came across your review as I love Santorini and I have just recently posted a blog about visiting Santorini this summer. I shall definitely be reading and recommending this book!

    Liked by 1 person

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