Review: You Have to Believe Me by Sunday Tomassetti


Release date: September 19, 2019

Genre: Mystery/Thriller


She has every reason to hate her ex …

Every day on her way home from work, Dove Damiani drives past her ex-house, where her ex-husband lives with her ex-dog and her ex-yoga instructor, next to her ex-neighbors and the ex-life she once affectionately described as “frighteningly perfect.”

To outsiders, Dove is bitter and resentful. The divorce left her alone, with nothing but a set of car keys and 50% of a paltry savings account. 

…but it doesn’t mean she wants him dead.

When the lifeless body of her former husband is discovered in the birch grove outside Dove’s apartment on what would have been their fifth wedding anniversary, investigators waste no time making Dove a person of interest. She swears she didn’t do it. She’s never so much as killed a spider in her thirty years. 

But as evidence mounts against her, Dove finds herself questioning her memory, her sanity, and even—her innocence. 


Have you guys heard of Minka Kent? I discovered her books a couple of years ago and really like her style. She writes fast paced and addictive thrillers that are always pretty entertaining. I say all of this because the author of this is actually MK writing under a pseudonym, so if you’re a fan of her books don’t miss this one!

If you’re looking for your next weekend binge read this would be a good choice, it’s super fast and there was always a lot going on to keep my attention. I never knew quite who to trust and the whole thing was one big guessing game right up until the end. It was also pretty twisty and kind of read like a lifetime movie, a little over the top and dramatic but also fun, you can’t really stop reading because it just sucks you in, even if it’s a little out there.

A quick side note, I’ve still been struggling with thrillers and this one held my attention so that’s saying a lot for me at the moment! I can’t tell you how many thrillers I’ve set down in the last couple of months and this one made the cut 🙌🏻

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Thanks to the author for my review copy.

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