Best Women’s Fiction of 2019 #bestof2019

I’m super excited because today kicks off my best of series and I have narrowed down my favorite reads of the year into seven categories; WF, Romance, Series, Thrillers, Audiobooks, Backlist and even some 2020 books I’ve managed to read and highly recommend!

Here’s my favorite WF book of 2019, I would love to know if you’ve read any of these or if they’re on your TBR.

Nina Hill was adorable and so very relatable!

I adore CRH and Luis Velez was another emotional and beautiful book!

JB writes the best summer reads with so much depth and heart, Drawing Home was no exception.

Frenemies was fun, snarky and I was totally obsessed with it!

EW is an author that just speaks to me soul, I loved Inbetween

KH is of my all time favorite authors, I’ll read anything she writes and Life was fabulous!

KC writes such heartfelt and emotional books with humor, I just love her books. Things You Save was amazing!

Mrs. is really a blend of WF and historical but I didn’t even read enough HF to have a full list 🤷‍♀️ either way this book was amazing!

Things We Cannot Say may be my favorite book of all time so no way was I leaving this one off my list even though it’s really HF. It does have two timelines though!

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