Best Audiobooks of 2019 #bestof2019

Audio was a lifesaver for me in 2019, I listened to SO many incredible books while driving, running errands and doing chores. I’ve partnered up with my friends at and if you sign up you can get 3 audiobooks for the price of 1! These were my favorite listens and a couple weren’t even released this year, I just had to include them.

Many of these I didn’t write a full review but trust me when I say they were all amazing and there’s something for everyone here!

Are you an audiobook fan?!

Best Thrillers of 2019 #bestof2019

Admittedly I struggled with mystery/thrillers for a good part of the year but there were still quite a few standouts for me that make me want to continue reading the genre!

TSP took the book world by storm, and rightly so. If you still haven’t read it yet it’s a must!

Stalker was just an incredibly smart and sharp thriller.

Miracle Creek is more of a literary mystery but it’s phenomenal and a must read!

The Last Act was another super solid read from an author I’ve grown to trust. This was twisty and compelling!

KBelle is another trusted author for me and Dear Wife was another wickedly delicious and smart thriller from her!

It’s Harlan Coben, he’s phenomenal read it! Run Away was even a book I convinced my husband to read and he’s not a reader AT ALL.

The Arrangement was juicy and dramatic and just awesome!

I Know Who You Are was dark, twisted and shocking, what more could I want in a thriller?!

The Family Upstairs had a really cool gothic vibe and was super edgy!

Whisper Man was creepy AF!

Have you read any of these?

Best Romance of 2019 #bestof2019

2019 was the year of romance for me, I read a TON of them and really found myself enjoying the genre.

Well Met had everything I look for in a romance, humor, sweetness and a unique premise!

Bromance was another one with a unique premise and I couldn’t be more excited that it’s the start of a series!

Alaskan Christmas was my first Jennifer Snow book and I was blown away, SO good!

HH proved with her sophomore novel that she’s an extremely talented writer and she brings so much diversity to the genre Bride Test

It’s CoHo, obviously Regretting You makes my list!

Tom Hanks couldn’t be any cuter, a must for rom com fans!

Again, it’s CL of course at least one of their books made my list Unhoneymooners

One Summer could’ve also fit on my WF list but it definitely has romance as well 🤷‍♀️

Unbreakables was sexy and modern, LOVED it!

TFZ is the must read romance of the year!

How to Hack is an adorable and fun rom com!

Have you read any of these?

Best Series of 2019 #bestof2019

Today I’m sharing my favorite series of the year, I’ve read every single book from each of these series and I can assure you that I enjoyed every single book. A tough feat as often a series can get stale over time!

If you like serial killer thrillers Sixth Wicked is a must read, SO good!

KS is queen, that is all. Last Widow

If you like true crime podcasts then Changeling and the entire Six Stories series is a must read!

Lori Anderson is the definition of badass and so is this series!

I must have a thing for fierce female heroines and D. D. and Flora are SO fierce Never Tell

Another ass kicking female with the Kim Stone series, Angie Marsons is incredible and this series is one of the best!

A departure from crime, KWH’s Southern Side of Paradise is the final book in her Peachtree Bluff series and it was fantastic!

The Haven Point series is my go to recommendation for feel good, Hallmark movie style books, SO sweet!

Passion on Park Avenue is the first in a trilogy and I adore LL’s flirty, fun style.

I love the Southern Eclectic series and Gimme Some Sugar was another great addition

Have you read any of these?

Best Women’s Fiction of 2019 #bestof2019

I’m super excited because today kicks off my best of series and I have narrowed down my favorite reads of the year into seven categories; WF, Romance, Series, Thrillers, Audiobooks, Backlist and even some 2020 books I’ve managed to read and highly recommend!

Here’s my favorite WF book of 2019, I would love to know if you’ve read any of these or if they’re on your TBR.

Nina Hill was adorable and so very relatable!

I adore CRH and Luis Velez was another emotional and beautiful book!

JB writes the best summer reads with so much depth and heart, Drawing Home was no exception.

Frenemies was fun, snarky and I was totally obsessed with it!

EW is an author that just speaks to me soul, I loved Inbetween

KH is of my all time favorite authors, I’ll read anything she writes and Life was fabulous!

KC writes such heartfelt and emotional books with humor, I just love her books. Things You Save was amazing!

Mrs. is really a blend of WF and historical but I didn’t even read enough HF to have a full list 🤷‍♀️ either way this book was amazing!

Things We Cannot Say may be my favorite book of all time so no way was I leaving this one off my list even though it’s really HF. It does have two timelines though!