Best Thrillers of 2019 #bestof2019

Admittedly I struggled with mystery/thrillers for a good part of the year but there were still quite a few standouts for me that make me want to continue reading the genre!

TSP took the book world by storm, and rightly so. If you still haven’t read it yet it’s a must!

Stalker was just an incredibly smart and sharp thriller.

Miracle Creek is more of a literary mystery but it’s phenomenal and a must read!

The Last Act was another super solid read from an author I’ve grown to trust. This was twisty and compelling!

KBelle is another trusted author for me and Dear Wife was another wickedly delicious and smart thriller from her!

It’s Harlan Coben, he’s phenomenal read it! Run Away was even a book I convinced my husband to read and he’s not a reader AT ALL.

The Arrangement was juicy and dramatic and just awesome!

I Know Who You Are was dark, twisted and shocking, what more could I want in a thriller?!

The Family Upstairs had a really cool gothic vibe and was super edgy!

Whisper Man was creepy AF!

Have you read any of these?

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