Review: When I Was You by Amber Garza


Release date: August 25, 2020

Publisher: MIRA

Genre: Mystery/Thriller


You meets Fatal Attraction in this up-all-night psychological thriller about a lonely empty-nester’s growing obsession with a young mother who shares her name.

It all begins on an ordinary fall morning, when Kelly Medina gets a call from her son’s pediatrician to confirm her upcoming “well-baby” appointment. It’s a cruel mistake; her son left for college a year ago, and Kelly has never felt so alone. The receptionist quickly apologizes: there’s another mother in town named Kelly Medina, and she must have gotten their numbers switched.

But Kelly can’t stop thinking about the woman who shares her name. Lives in her same town. Has a son she can still hold, and her whole life ahead of her. She can’t help looking for her: at the grocery store, at the gym, on social media. When Kelly just happens to bump into the single mother outside that pediatrician’s office, it’s simple curiosity getting the better of her.

Their unlikely friendship brings Kelly a renewed sense of purpose, taking care of this young woman and her adorable baby boy. But that friendship quickly turns to obsession, and when one Kelly disappears, well, the other one may know why. 


The blurb calls this one You meets Fatal Attraction and that is such a great comparison for this one you guys! It has the creepy, stalker vibes of You with a twist and was a perfect popcorn thriller as my friend Abby at Crimebythebook called it. Think pure entertainment with some over the top scenarios and dark enough to satisfy most thriller fans.

While I wouldn’t necessarily call this one twisty, it did have some surprises as well as some parts that were predictable for me. BUT the predictability didn’t take away from my enjoyment at all because the shocks were pretty good on their own. Obsession plays a big role here and half of the fun was following along with Kelly as her obsession caused her life to unravel in front of the readers eyes. It’s definitely an escapist, binge worthy read and definitely perfect to pick up over a weekend and just lose yourself in. Have fun reading about characters that are way crazier than the problems in your own life, that’s exactly what I did 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣

Overall rating: 4/5

Thanks to the publisher for my review copy.

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