Review: The Woman Outside my Door by Rachel Ryan


Release date: January 5, 2021

Publisher: Gallery

Genre: Mystery/Thriller


All children have imaginary friends, Georgina tells herself. It’s perfectly normal, and they all grow out of it in the end. But when her seven-year-old son, Cody, tells her about New Granny, the new friend he’s met in the park, Georgina is instantly suspicious. Something—call it maternal instinct—tells her he isn’t making it up.

But maybe Georgina is losing her mind. It wouldn’t be the first time, after all. And with her own mother’s recent death leaving her bereft and trying to cope with life as a busy working mom, it’s no wonder she’s feeling paranoid that Cody has invented a “New Granny” to replace his beloved grandmother.

Her husband, Bren, becomes the voice of reason, assuring Georgina that it’s just a game, the product of their son’s overactive imagination. But what if Cody’s imaginary friend is not so imaginary after all?


I really liked the premise of this one, anything with a possible creepy kid appeals to me in a weird way and then throw in a mother who is fragile and it leaves you with a whole lot of questions and head scratching moments. This one was unsettling and slightly sinister and despite some minor issues I can see how it would appeal to many.

What worked for me was the great sense of place the author created, it was atmospheric and there were a few times where I got goosebumps because of the great scene she set. Wondering if Cody really met someone in the park or if he was just using his imagination kept me on my toes but it did feel kinda draggy at times. This was definitely a slow burn and I lost my patience with the pacing a few times. It had so much potential for me at the start and then things didn’t really pick up for me until the very end and that just wasn’t quite enough for me to truly enjoy this one. It didn’t feel like a true thriller, maybe a domestic drama with some suspenseful moments? But definitely not an exciting and fast paced thriller for me. If you enjoy a well written, atmospheric light style suspense novel you’ll like this more than I did.

Overall rating: 3/5

Thanks to the publisher for my review copy.

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