Review: No One Can Hear You Scream by A. B. Whelan


Release date: October 20, 2021

Genre: Mystery/Thriller


A ruthlessly addicting and terrifyingly twisted story of a family stuck on a secluded mountain at the mercy of an obsessed fan of the woman.

It started as a vacation of a lifetime.

Jennifer Parker is a successful YouTube influencer living in a beautiful home outside Los Angeles with her three children. After divorcing her husband of eighteen years, Jennifer dives right into a new relationship despite her children’s disapproval.

Jennifer’s boyfriend, Tyler, is a middle school English teacher and a mama’s boy. To prove to Jennifer that he can be as outdoorsy as her ex-husband, he suggests going on an off-the-grid vacation in a yurt in Montana. The idea of not having cell phone reception and running water for days doesn’t appeal to Jennifer. Reluctantly, she agrees to the trip because she envisions this unique retreat as an opportunity for her children to connect with her new boyfriend.

Jennifer’s subscribers are excited about following their favorite online vlogger on an adventure in the wilderness. But one follower sees her vacation as the perfect opportunity to get close to her and act out his twisted and sick fantasies.

Alone on the mountain, where no one can hear her scream, Jennifer realizes that it wasn’t the deep, dark woods she had to fear after all.


It’s not often that I’m truly shocked when I read a thriller but I definitely was here! This was such a tense, exciting read but it is NOT for anyone who doesn’t want to be scared out of their mind. It has a ton of triggers, seriously if you can think of disturbing subject matter it’s probably in this book but if you like dark and disturbing books this was really good. I do want to mention that there’s a particularly upsetting scene at the beginning involving extreme animal cruelty that really needs a warning.

This had such a great premise with a family on a trip in a super remote location, seriously nightmarish to me and that’s even before you add in a sick individual who wants to terrorize Jennifer and her family. It was very atmospheric and unsettling and I was truly gripped the whole time. I don’t wanna discuss the plot anymore but I definitely recommend this to the right reader, AKA anyone who can deal with highly disturbing content.

Overall rating: 4/5

Thanks to the author for my review copy.

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