Review: The Lucky One by Jessica Payne


Release date: September 14, 2022

Publisher: Bookouture

Genre: Mystery/Thriller


We were all there that prom night, but one of us didn’t make it home…

Ten years ago: We laughed together on the dance floor that night, our dresses glittering in the swirling lights. One final night of fun before the rest of our lives. We couldn’t have known that for one of us, it would be our last…

Now: They say that I’m the lucky one, the survivor. But no one knows the truth—the thing I’ve been running from all this time. How I escaped.

Back in my hometown a decade later—the place I’ve avoided—I can feel the questioning eyes on me, the whispers. The rumors.

I can’t shake the feeling that I am being followed, the shadow of a reflection in the glass storefronts, the murmur of footsteps before I turn to look. But no one’s ever there, and I tell myself it’s all in my head. Then the anonymous messages land in my inbox, overly familiar and insistent: I’m watching. I’ve been waiting for you.

I should have known I couldn’t run forever. I want to feel safe surrounded by my best friends. But everyone has something to hide, and I don’t know who I can trust.

Someone out there won’t let me forget what really happened that night, what I promised. What if, this time, I’m not so lucky?


Ohhh this was a pacey and clever little thriller. I really liked the basic setup here, especially that Norah was able to trick a serial killer back when she was in high school into letting her go. Obviously I immediately needed to know how because I just knew anyone who could manage that was someone that would be interesting to read about. Norah was definitely fascinating, she took all her fear and anger surrounding her past trauma and channeled it into a career for herself as she’s now a famous MMA fighter and coach. Seriously badass! So I was definitely rooting for Norah and then you have this exciting and fast paced storyline that really kept me engaged. The chapters were short and many ended on a small cliffhanger which really made me want to keep reading. The author did a pretty good job at misdirecting the reader and I had fun trying to figure out who the killer was. My first by the author but definitely not my last, definitely a fun binge read with good tension and thrills.

Overall rating: 4/5

Thanks to the publisher for my review copy.

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