Review: The Widow by Kaira Rouda


Release date: December 1, 2022

Publisher: Thomas and Mercer

Genre: Mystery/Thriller


A husband with secrets. A wife with no limits. A riveting novel of marriage, privilege, and lies by Kaira Rouda, the USA Today bestselling author of The Next Wife.

Jody Asher had a plan. Her charismatic husband, Martin, would be a political icon. She, the charming wife, would fuel his success. For fifteen congressional terms, they were the golden couple on the Hill. Life was good. Until he wasn’t.

Martin’s secret affair with a young staffer doesn’t bother Jody personally. But professionally? It’s a legacy killer. Soon a reporter gets word of this scandal in the making, and Martin’s indiscretions threaten to ruin everything Jody has accomplished.

When Martin suddenly dies, it’s a chance to change the narrative—but the reporter won’t let go of his lead. As the balance of power shifts in the Asher house and on the Hill, it’s time for Jody to take control. And there’s nothing the ruthless widow won’t do to secure the future she’s entitled to. Even if she has a secret of her own.


I really enjoy the authors brand of writing, she always creates fascinating characters that are wholly unlikable but this is done intentionally. You know that that you’re supposed to be annoyed by these people and they’re supposed to get under your skin and Jody was no exception. There is something deliciously fun about reading about a devious character and I definitely enjoyed that aspect. Unfortunately that’s about all I enjoyed here, so thank god for unapologetically awful characters like Jody haha. I knew this centered on politics but it was just too much for me and I felt bogged down by all the political talk. The drama felt convoluted and unnecessarily messy just for the sake of it and I didn’t fully believe many aspects of the characters actions and behaviors. Overall a bit of a miss for me but if you like sociopathic characters and politically charged plots this may work for you.

Overall rating: 3/5

Thanks to the publisher for my review copy.

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