Blog Tour: Between the Ocean and the Stars by M. M. Cochran


Release date: October 18, 2022

Publisher: Ingram Elliott

Genre: YA


If he could be her tragedy, I could be a better one.

As a newcomer on Ophelia Island, Florida, Sam Carter is distraught about moving away from his life in West Virginia. But the moment he lays eyes on the mysterious diner girl, Georgia Gabehart, he can’t help but surrender to her bewitching allure.

Sam is mesmerized by Georgia even as she steals sailboats at night and breaks into lighthouses-the master of playing with knives and not getting cut. Until she’s trapped in the tight grip of her boyfriend with a dark side.

When a dangerous hurricane sweeps Sam into a police investigation and Georgia is nowhere to be found, Sam gives himself only one option: love, even if loving might end in tragedy.

This dazzling coming of age debut novel from award-winning fiction writer M.M. Cochran will take your breath away.

I’ve been in the mood for YA books lately and this certainly fit what I’ve been looking for. I’m not quite done with this one yet but I’m enjoying it! Sam is the sole point of view and getting insight from a teenaged boy is unique and interesting. This skirts the lines of a few different genres, there’s romance and some mystery so a little something for everyone.

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