Review: The Family Secret by Kiersten Modglin


Release date: January 31, 2023

Genre: Mystery/Thriller


Their new home has a terrifying secret…

When freshly engaged Austyn Murphy and Lowell Bass receive the news that Lowell’s parents have died unexpectedly, they set out for the historic Bass estate to handle their affairs and lay the former heads of the family to rest.

Enshrouded in layers of secrecy and tradition, the Bass estate, and the family residing within its walls, give anything but a warm welcome. When the idea of staying in the home permanently is brought up, Austyn witnesses a side of her future husband she’s never seen before.

Late one night, Austyn overhears a whispered conversation, revealing she hasn’t been given the full truth about the world she’s marrying into. And when Emily, an old friend, calls with devastating news of her own, Lowell and Austyn invite her to join them for a visit at the estate.

Upon Emily’s arrival, a confession is made, causing a rift in the seemingly impenetrable bond the girls once had. As Emily settles into their home, becoming closer to Lowell than ever before, Austyn fears she’s made a grave mistake.

Trapped inside the Bass estate under the ever-watchful eye of the staff and her soon-to-be family, Austyn makes another chilling discovery—something so terrible it changes everything.

With distressing revelations hidden around every corner and time running out before final decisions are made about her future, Austyn must uncover the truth about the opulent and powerful Bass family…at the risk of becoming another one of their dark secrets.


Ahh a book about wealthy people and their scheming ways. That never gets old for me and when KMod writes the book it’s even better. When I settle in with one of her books I know I’m in good hands and will be getting ready to take a wild ride of some kind. You never know what to expect or exactly what you’re in for, but I always know I’ll be entertained and surprised. This book was no exception and it had me in its clutches from the start. There were some scenes towards the end that I never could’ve seen coming, so shocking but also so wickedly fun. Another fun read from the queen of the binge worthy thriller for sure!

Overall rating: 4/5

Thanks to the author for my review copy.

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