Saturday Shoutout: Renee @itsbooktalk

This week I wanted to give a shoutout to a new book blogger, Renee from It’s Book Talk and welcome her to our fantastic bookish community! Though her blog is new, she’s been reading and reviewing books for ages. Read on to find out more about Renee in her own words.

It’s Book Talk: Renee

Here’s a little about me…I’m a wife and mom to 2 teenage boys, one who just started college and the other still in high school. My other 2 “furry” children are an English black lab , who I recently featured on my Instagram, and a black cat. In my life before kids I was a foster care social worker, then a stay at home mom and over the past few years a part-time professional tutor to college and high school students.
Of course I have loved reading since I was young, my favorites then being Nancy Drew and Treasure Island. Now, I’d have to say I still love mysteries and thrillers but I’ve also expanded my genres to basically anything that tells a page turning story with well-developed characters. To give you an example, a few years ago I wouldn’t have picked up a book like A LITTLE LIFE because it’s not a mystery but I read that book last December and it still haunts me! This is why you’ll be seeing different genres pop up on my blog. I’m always on the search for books that make me want to neglect everything else because I can’t put them down. That is the best feeling, for me, though not so much for my family! I also love promoting and connecting with authors on Twitter so I look forward to doing more of that on my blog.
 These days, when it comes to reading, the only thing I like more than a really good book (with a chilled glass of wine) is talking with others about all the really good (and not so good) books we’ve been reading. So almost 6 years ago I started my own book club and we continue to meet monthly at restaurants or each others’ houses to chat about books and drink good wine:) Then, a couple of years ago, I became interested in writing reviews and I wrote for (which is a fantastic review site) for a short time. I had an interest at that time in starting my own blog and now I’ve finally done it!
I continue to try to get in the swing of reading, reviewing, and connecting with others and tweaking my blog here and there. I plan on adding new features and a weekly theme in the near future. I would say the best and most surprising part of book blogging has been connecting with so many new friends from here in the US as well as so many other parts of the world. I wasn’t expecting that and it’s been so fun! Who knew so many people love to talk about about books and share recommendations as much as I do! I can’t believe how my TBR pile has grown over the last 3 weeks since I started blogging and chatting with all of you! The support from so many other bloggers, especially you Amy, and Annie from The Misstery has been invaluable. You both took the time to respond to my questions and provided info and support and I so appreciate it! I can’t wait to connect with more book lovers and hopefully some authors on my blog in the upcoming weeks and months.

Please check out Renee’s blog, she’s got a great thing going! You can also find her on GoodreadsTwitter and Instagram

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