October Wrap Up

I kicked off this month with a fun blog tour and reviewed The Twits.

This one didn’t really do much for me.

This was such a stunning debut!

This was a fantastic read!

I liked this one, especially the character development.

This one was a heart pounding and intense read.

This was an interesting novella.

This was a powerful and vital read.

This was a sweet and funny read!

This was a funny and wacky mystery.

This one just missed the mark for me.

Fantastic read about an intense hostage situation. Review here.

The conclusion to this series was cute.

This was a great one, really enjoyed it.

This was a quick and fun book to listen to.

I loved this one, highly recommend.

I liked this one and am looking forward to reading more in this series.

This was just a delightful read.

I loved this one so much!

This was a beautiful love story.

This was much more than a holiday read. 

This was mediocre for me.

This was a quick and enjoyable listen.

This was a fantastic read with an outstanding main character.

I liked this psychological thriller.

Loved this one and am excited it’s the start of a new series!

This was a quick and fun read.

I really liked this one. 

This was a really strong debut.

I really liked this one it was fun!
Phew, what a great reading month! I also started my Saturday Shoutout series:

Tiffany McDaniel
Brad Graber
Renee @itsbooktalk
Arnulfo Cantarero
How was October for you guys? What were your favorite reads? 

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