May Wrap Up

Drawing Home: Immersive, Intriguing and Genuine

The Secret Side of Paradise: Charming, Sincere and Entrancing

The Last Time I Saw You was a miss for me.

Sunset Beach Humorous, Entertaining and Engaging

Before She Was Found: Timely, Sharp and Intense

The Bride Test: Tender, Diverse and Authentic

The Key to Happily Ever After was a cute and fun read

Red, White and Royal Blue: Smart, Hip and Hilarious

Some Choose Darkness: Entertaining, Compelling and Addictive

Dear Lily: Warm, Delightful and Touching

Passion on Park Avenue: Witty, Sassy and Amusing

Mine: I struggled rating this one

Her Secret Son was another one I struggled with unfortunately

Wolfhunter River: Entertaining, Fast and Exciting

Brief Chronicle: Bittersweet, Cute and Relatable

Have You Seen Luis Velez: Moving, Encouraging and Special

Only Ever Her: Heartfelt, Endearing and Subtle

Ask Again Yes was one I struggled with

The Shadow Writer: Unnerving, Multifaceted and Unpredictable

The Last Thing She Remembers was a real struggle for me

I’ll Never Tell: Clever, Atmospheric and Complex

The Flatshare: Charming, Quirky and Bright

6 thoughts on “May Wrap Up

  1. Lorilin says:

    Your monthly list of books read continues to amaze me! You’re a machine!! I’ve read about half these—mostly all the fluffy romances, ha—and I enjoyed a lot of them, too. Red, White, and Royal Blue; The Key to Happily Ever After; Drawing Home; and The Bride Test we’re all really good IMO. Glad you had a good (and very productive!) May!

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  2. MrsDMVH says:

    I just finished Mine…I’m not too sure I liked the ending…not that it wasn’t ok, but the characters did a complete 180 in a mere matter of minutes so bizarrely…

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