March Wrap Up

The Hunger was a creepy historical retelling.

A Perfect Marriage was a family drama with some surprises.

The Visitor was a twisty thriller, loved it!

Closer Than You Know was a sharp thriller, part domestic suspense and part legal thriller.

The Perfect Girlfriend was a slick psychological thriller, really liked it!

The Family Next Door was a fantastic domestic drama.

The Sandman is a must read, it’s amazing!

The Babysitter was a highly entertaining psychological thriller.

If I Die Tonight was a great suspense with realistic situations.

Let Me Lie was another solid read from Mackintosh.

The Neighbors was a great domestic suspense.

The Flight Attendant didn’t quite work for me unfortunately.

Hot Mess was a sexy and witty read for foodies.

Tilly Tennant writes the most gorgeous romances and The Summer of Secrets was no exception.

The Broken Girls was seamless blend of a few genres, I really liked it.

The Cafe at Seashell Cove: Charming, hilarious and effortless.

Mathimals was an adorable children’s book.

The Baby Plan: Witty, funny and light.

The Fear: Absorbing, Shocking and thrilling.

The Secret to Southern Charm: Endearing, warm and wise.

No Safe Place: Intricate, sharp and gritty.

The Longest Silence: Compulsive, Dark and Intense.

Annie’s Summer by the Sea: Carefree, Emotional and Sweet.

Not That I Could Tell: Engrossing, Thoughtful and Deft.

The House on Harbor Hill: Eloquent, Moving and Character-driven.

The Forgotten Ones: Evocative, Engaging and Haunting.

Worth Killing For: Assured, Unique and Strong.

Before I Let You Go: Heart-wrenching, Emotional and powerful.

28 books in all, not bad! How was your month?!

9 thoughts on “March Wrap Up

  1. Norrie says:

    Oh, wow 28!!!
    I pretty much want all your books, hehe 😀

    I also read Let Me Lie, Perfect Girlfriend, Fear and The Hunger. I liked them all pretty much, except maybe the girlfriend one. But i think the main reason why i didn’t is because i just couldn’t feel sympathy for the main character and it seemed like the author wanted me to.

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